How to Help

There are no limits on contributions that may be given to JOFPAC by an individual, corporation, union, or trade association; however, JOFPAC does not accept contributions from foreign nationals without permanent residency status, or foreign corporations. Contributions to JOFPAC do not count against the biennial limit that applies to an individual’s aggregate contributions to federal candidates, PACs, and political parties. Donations to JOFPAC are not tax deductible.

To Support JOFPAC, please click on the DONATE button above, or make your check out to “JOFPAC” and send by overnight service or mail to:

ATTN: Kelly Lawler, Treasurer
9460 Tegner Road
Hillmar, CA 95324
(Use 916-626-6804 for contact phone number)
ATTN: Kelly Lawler, Treasurer
PO Box 730
Hilmar, CA 95324

For more information about JOFPAC, contact Dave Gilliard at 916-626-6804 or email